Everyone regardless of age, ovarian reserve and cause(s) of infertility can qualify for IVFkasih. However, sperm or egg donation is excluded. Couples with obstructive azoospermia, or absence of viable sperm due to blockage, requiring MESA/TESE surgical procedure can choose to have IVFkasih but the cost of this procedure is additional.

Our centre offers the following services:

  • Antenatal care until 24 weeks
  • Gynaecology assessment and treatment
  • Fertility investigations and treatment (IVF, ICSI, FET)
  • Andrology services (Semen Analysis, Sperm Trial Preparation, IUI)

We are staffed by qualified fertility specialists, nurse counsellors, sonographers and embryologists, all of whom had undergone training at a reputable fertility centre.

The whole IVFkasih treatment takes about 12 to 16 days, with 4 clinic visits.

IVFkasih is very safe due to the use of low intensity stimulation. Patient safety and tolerability improves due to lesser side effects and reduced risks of ovarian hyperstimulation.

Although rare, the possibility of not having any eggs to collect may happen due to premature ovulation or poor egg quality. Sometimes the eggs may also not fertilise or does not develop properly due to poor egg/sperm quality. In this situation, no embryo transfer is possible.

However, from our experience more than 90% of couples will have an embryo transfer as the egg quality is usually good due to low intensity of stimulation.

If the first two attempts are unsuccessful, you will be given an offer on the third attempt. Terms & conditions apply.